Monday, June 17, 2013


Similar in manner to the images in my previous post, these snowy rustic landscapes all depict unidentified (though in some cases perhaps not unidentifiable) locations. Only the first features human figures (a woman and child to the right, and another, very blurry child just to the left of center), though many include buildings or other structures. Some show the faint bluish coloration of Rotograph's "Delft" line, others have a reddish hue, and two bear a bit of crudely applied glitter. Most are marked on the back with the words "Winter Serie" [sic] followed by the letters A, B, or C (multiple scenes correspond to the same letter); two have a numerical code beginning with D (for Delft.)

Some kind of shed or tipi-like structure is visible behind the trees in this one:

The next, which is one of only two in this particular group that were ever addressed and mailed, has some added doodles, perhaps meant to suggest footprints or snowshoes:

As far as I know, whatever records that may have once existed that could identify the photographer or photographers who captured these images were destroyed long ago.

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XperDunn said...

Extraordinary cool-ness!
Nothing suits B&W photography like winter.