Sunday, January 22, 2012

O Series

Rotograph's "O" series of bromide prints are outside the scope of this project, which is limited to scenic view cards, but as I'm fond of them and they're relatively rarely shown I'm including the example above. These were not lithographic reproductions like most of Rotograph's output but true photographic prints, printed continuous-tone on glossy stock with embossed backgrounds and trompe l'oeil frames. More information and other images can be found in my post at Dreamers Rise.

An item in the August 10, 1907 issue of the trade journal Walden's Stationer and Printer probably refers to this series:
The photographic postcard offers still another variation from the ordinary. An entirely new card in this country, but one that has made a tremendous hit in Europe is the countersunk frame post card, a photograph plate sunk in a card so as to form a frame around the picture. This new post card is being sold by the Rotograph Company, 684 Broadway, New York. The photographs are of sepia finish, glazed and sunk in white cards. They cover about two hundred subjects, including marine scenes, copies of famous paintings and statuary and Christmas cards. These countersunk post cards are considered by some to be the highest perfection of the "Post Card Art."

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