Monday, January 23, 2012

Manhattan: Midtown

Looking west along 23rd Street. The diagonal line across the image may be a flaw in the printing process that affected an entire batch, as I have seen it on another copy.

Herald Square.

"Nov. 29, 1907. Dear Mother - Received your letter but haven't had time to answer, and may not before Saturday. Am busy getting ship ready. M. R. P."

The letters on the bottom may be U.S.S.R.I.; if so, the ship would be the battleship Rhode Island, launched in 1904 and scrapped in 1923.

Looking west along 42nd Street, with Bryant Park on the left and the Sixth Avenue El in the background. The obscured face of the nearest pedestrian (he appears to be looking down under a cloth cap, and may be dark-skinned) gives a slightly eerie quality to the scene. Looming above everything is the Times Building, seen better in the image below.

Occupied by the New York Times for less than a decade, the building is now designated One Times Square. Now almost entirely covered in advertising signs and digital marquees (at rental rates reportedly reaching $10,000 per hour), it has been used to commemorate New Year’s Eve since its inauguration. The sign on the building in the lower right-hand corner reads "Wilson High Ball."

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