Sunday, July 1, 2012

I really did go

The Common from Beacon and Park Sts., Boston, Mass, addressed to Mr. Edward D. Fallon, Long Ridge, Stamford Conn., and postmarked in Boston on July 26, 1907. Inscribed by unknown sender (initials possibly "LMS") with the message "I really did go."

According to the Biennial Report of the State Board of Fisheries and Game published in September 1908, an Edward D. Fallon of the same address applied (and was presumably given permission) to stock 200 fingerling brook trout in nearby Mill Pond Stream.

Overall, I like the mood and composition of this one a lot. The coloring of the sky is drawn from the printer's imagination, of course, but judging by the shadows of the two closest figures (if they're not artificial as well) it does appear to be late afternoon. As there's no snow and no leaves on the trees bordering the central pathway (nor on the ground), it might be early Spring. The strolling figures are just dark silhouettes.

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