Thursday, March 22, 2012

The moon, a hat, and a waterfall

A likely Rotograph production based on the typography and design, though the publisher's name on the back is given as H. H. Jackson, Bridgeport, Conn., this card sports some extra doodles, possibly in the hand of the anonymous sender. The addressee is Mr. Ralph Tiffany of 59 Bancroft St., Springfield, Mass.

"Hope to see you this Summer." Haven't heard from you in such a long time though[t] I would write a line or two, and see if you were dead or alive.

According to the Metropolitan Postcard Club website, H. H. Jackson was known for postcards depicting Buffalo Bill's Wild West show. The American Stationer reports that he retired in 1913 after thirty-one years and sold his book and stationery business to two other men. Below is another Bridgeport view bearing his imprint on the back, and in this case, the words Copyright 1905 by the Rotograph Co. on the front as well.

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